Sunday, May 20, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 16 Top 5 Moments: A Change of Heart

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 16 and Homare became the centre of a feud between her two classmates.

No 5: Aki and Junna's Misunderstanding.

Despite being the main plot of the episode, I don't really find their story interesting as it has been done before-Misunderstanding between friends. However the problems was I don't find myself invested in the two girls as they only have little screen time and is reduced to background characters up to this point.

So this episode is about Aki asking Homare to teach her how to skate and Junna misunderstood Aki as they were childhood friends and they always consult one another but Aki took it for granted and not considering Junna's feelings as such Papple used them to create an Oshimaida.

Of course, the two girls make up after seeing Cure Etolie struggling to save them and weaken the Oshimaida with their willpower.

No 4: Life is like a Flower.

When Hana meet George in a garden of Rhododendrons, he started preaching how unpredictable the weather and life can be. In flower terms, Rhododendrons symbolize danger and beware which is what happen later in the episode for the girls and particularly Ruru.

No 3: When in Doubts, eat some Chocolate Mint Ice Cream!

When Homare has doubts of whether she should get involved in the two girls' fend, she went to Harry's place to cuddle Hug-Tan. Harry already figure that she is troubled and offered her Chocolate Mint Ice Cream but Homare left again.

Later Harry found Homare in a shelter and passed her an umbrella. Although Harry claimed the ice cream melted and he wanted her to have it. Homare saw that Harry was drenched while looking for her and she was touched. But Harry left in a hurry to get back to Hug-Tan.

Although we see in the opening that Homare always carry Hamster Harry around and thought it was just a coincidence but rather a shipping between her and Harry. They might not be the perfect couple but Harry does show concern for Homare despite not expressing it out in the open.

No 2: Ruru's Change of Heart.

 I approved of Papple's outfit! Doujin artists, do your duty!

Ruru has already predicted that Saya and Homare are Precures but she decided to hold back any action however Papple who disguised as a student reminded Ruru of their original mission to destroy the Precures.

I liked the scene where Papple is in the shadow and Ruru is trying her best to avoid the shadow covering her space but in the end, she gave in and true to her words, Ruru stole Homare's Transformation item and she panicked when the other two girls are fighting the Oshimaida.

But somehow, Ruru has a change of heart and gave Homare back her transformation item for her to battle the Oshimaida with the others.

No 1: System Shutdown!

After the battle, the three girls and Harry confronted Ruru but before she could said anything, she pushed Cure Yell away before a powerful blast from the sky totally destroyed her internal systems. Papple appeared and took Ruru away before anyone could react and Hug-Tan crying out Ruru's name...

This week's battle was pretty good in terms of style and pacing,

These is one of the few times where the subplot was more interesting than the main plot. Like what I said earlier, Aki and Junna's feud was pretty trivial compared to what Ruru and Homare is going through.

Homare just need a pep talk in the form of Harry and his Ice Cream. I know he meant well despite how childish he can be some time and Homare need to be less uptight. Hopefully their relationship will develop further in the future.

Note to self-If George appear and started preaching something, it means things are getting real in the episode and true enough, Ruru decided to make her move after Papple's warning of getting too close with the girls.

After seeing Homare desperately waiting to save Aki and Junna changed Ruru's mind and she returned her transformation item back to Homare. But at a cost since Papple now know that Ruru has betrayed them.

That blast actually destroyed Ruru's system and seeing how she sensed it moments before pushing Cure Yell out of safety and saying something before being destroyed make me wonder what is going to happen next!

Of course, the next trailer showed that Ruru becoming Mecha Ruru with a full face helmet and Megaman Cannon fighting the girls but can the girls especially Hana able to stop her rampages? (In these chaos, where is Emiru?) Until then, see you in the next post!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 15 Top 7 Moments: A Fated Meeting!?

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 15 and a shopping errand became a strange and crazy encounter for Ruru!

No 7: Meet Cure Emiru!? (Fake!)

When Ruru volunteer to buy the cheap eggs at the supermarket, Emiru who is now dressed in a make- shift costume encountered her and proclaimed to be Cure Emiru. It got Ruru froze for a moment as this event does not compute her "programming."

Emiru is pretty high for a Precure candiate...

Of course, Ruru realised Emiru is not an actual Precure and continue on to her destination but this got Emiru to be persistent and follow her to the supermarket! (With hilarious results!)

No  6: Hug-Tan's new words.

The three girls were at Harry's salon when Hug-Tan started calling Homare and Saya by their first names which got both girls squeaking in joy. But Hug-Tan started crying when Hana tried to get her to say her name. (Maybe Hana need to be less aggressive when dealing with babies)

No 5: Supermarket Sweep!

Never get involved with a horde of crazed housewives unless you have superspeed like Ruru...

Ruru has no problems getting two dozens of eggs from the crazed housewives who were rushing for it. She encountered Emiru who tried her best to help others but failed badly. Although Ruru told her that the people she help were happy with her thoughts.

No 4: The Aisaki Household.

This of course make Emiru very happy and invited Ruru to her place which she agreed. The Aisaki Family is an extremely rich family with a house that resembles a castle and her parents cosplaying as Victoria era characters.

No 3: Music is Soul!

This is clearly paying homages to 90s anime rock songs like Macross 7, Armored Police Metal Jack and Slam Dunk

When Ruru pointed out she does not know what Music is, Emiru immediately showed her prized possession which is a red electronic guitar. Emiru played a gentle number which got Ruru to feel very strange about her feelings and when Emiru's douche brother, Masato commented that guitar is not a girl's instrument, it got Ruru so mad that she reprimanded Masato on the spot.

Best Ruru Face ever!

Ruru immediately got into a little fit which Emiru was amazed by her feelings and thank Ruru for standing up for her.

No 2: You are a Hero!

An Oshimaida was attacking the city and the girls went into battle. Emiru want to help but Ruru told her it is dangerous. But Emiru told her that she wanted to help people because it is the right thing to do and proceed to save a boy from being attacked by the Oshimaida.

The girls saved the two of them and Cure Yell praised her for being a hero!

No 1: Do you want to be a Precure, Ruru?

Derp Face!

After the battle, Emiru was shaken that she just risked her life to save the boy but Ruru told her that she did something similar too. (From the previous episode) Emiru realised they are kindred spirits and want Ruru to become a Precure.

Coming soon, Erutto Precure! (Or not!)

Derp Face again!

Which Ruru turned her down immediately however Emiru was persistent towards her. Although Papple was wondering why Ruru is behaving oddly...

This is one of the most funniest and best episode yet for this season. We knew that Emiru's stubbornness from her debut episode but this reach a new level especially Ruru's deadpan tone was a match against Emiru's antics.

We do get to know more about Emiru especially her relationship with her dysfunctional family. Her family are clearly living in their own world and her older brother, Masato is a sexist. It actually gave a chance for future episodes on how Emiru will overcome her family relationship which I hope to see it.

Ruru was clearly affected by Emiru's song which awaken the anger emotion in her. Although I am seeing a pattern now since the beginning of this arc. From Hana, Ruru learn about Happiness in a family. From Saya, she learn the Joy of taking care of others. This episode is awakening the Anger in her which I am suspecting the last emotion could be Sadness as she has yet to experience loss. Once all emotions awaken, it is possible that a miracle will happen to Ruru at the end of the arc. (Chinese readers might already know what idiom I am referring to)

Overall, a great episode especially the amount of face and over the top expressions in this episode and how Ruru and Emiru's encounter will change their lives forever. Next episode, Homare became the centre of a feud between her two classmates as we get closer to the conclusion of Ruru's arc. Until then, see you in the next post!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 14 Top 5 Moments: Daycare Madness!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 14 and as the girls spend a day at the Daycare Centre!

No 5: How to wake up Hana?

As the other girls were preparing to meet at the local Daycare Centre, Hana was sleeping like a log and her mother asked Ruru to "drag her out of the bed." So Ruru literally drag her out of the bed-By overthrowing her out of her bed..Somehow it worked!

No 4: Too many Toddles!

The girls got their first hand experience in taking care of toddles and Hug-Tan enjoyed the company of other toddles. From Homare learning to change diapers to Hana being abused by the toddles, (By pulling her face cheeks) Saya and surprisingly, Ruru was pretty good at taking care of the toddles. Although it was due to Saya reading a childcare book the day before and Ruru memorizing the details with her memory process abilities.

No 3: I want to fly!

I think my life just flashed before me...

After Harry saw the girls playing with the toddles by lifting above their shoulders, he replied that he want to try which Ruru literally flung him up to the stratosphere! Harry came back down with Ruru catching him which Harry spoke in shock of wanting to be an astornaunt when he was young...Although I wondered why the girls never suspected Ruru's strength and shouldn't Harry burned up during entry back to Earth?

No 2: Saya vs Ruru!

Saya was a bit jealous that Ruru was able to perform better than her and started competing on who could do a better job in taking care of the toddles. This led to several funny and embarrassing moments especially Saya who slipped up a few times. Ruru and Saya also compete who could make the best funny faces for the toddles and Harry was laughing in stitches when he saw the two girls' expressions. (Although we never knew what kind of faces the two girls did)

Later Homare told Saya that it was interesting for her to be competitive but it did show that Saya has a competitive side that she rarely show but it is probably due to Ruru being a more capable person than her. (Translation: Saya doesn't like to lose)

No 1: Protect the toddles, Ruru!

Girls, Ruru is just over there...

When a next door fashion designer started complaining to the staff of the Daycare centre of the crying from the toddles, Ruru used this chance to create an Oshimaida. The girls transformed to battle but were tied down in protecting the children and fighting the Oshimaida at the same time.

Hug-Tan (who woke up feeling refreshed) started cheering the rest of the kids to calm down which created an large amount of Asu power. The Oshimaida was about to attack the kids when Ruru appeared to protect them. With that, the girls managed to finish off the Oshimaida. Although Papple who was observing the battle felt disappointed over Ruru...

Soon the day was over and the toddles were returned to their parents. Ruru held Hug-Tan for the first time and somehow her heart was warmed by her love...

It take 12 seconds for Hana to fall asleep.

How was this episode? I enjoyed it since the focus is about Saya and Ruru which I am glad instead of letting Hana be the centre of attention. Hana was being treated as "punching" bag throughout the episode which I am fine with it.

We also get to see that Saya has a competitive side since she spent the time to study the childcare guide and was about to show off her knowledge. Instead, Ruru who memorize all the details in a matter of minutes was more capable than her. (Although Ruru still lack the human touch in taking care of children)

Saya was definitely not accepting defeat and started challenging Ruru in various activities. However it backfired. Luckily Homare advised Saya to take it easy and not let it affect their work.

During the battle, Ruru stepped behind to observe the battle however when the Oshimaida was about to attack the children, she suddenly rushed to protect them which showed that she has started to gain emotions to help others which I like it. But Papple who was also watching Ruru was disappointed about her actions and might suggest that Ruru could be a liability in later episodes.

Is Emiru trying to be like Basara from Macross 7? (Listen to my Song!!!!)

What horror could lead Ruru to froze?!

Next episode, Ruru went out on an errand and met Emiru for the first time. However Emiru is now crazy about the Precures and wanted to become one herself! So what fate has in store for these two girls? Until then, see you in the next post!