Sunday, December 4, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 43: The Land of Fairies Part 2

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 43 Review and the girls arrived in the land of Fairies!

As the girls arrived in the land of Fairies, Kotoha suddenly spout wings and became a pixie fairy. The Queen of Fairies arrived and Chikurun apologise for making her worried.

The girls then learn from the previous Queen of Fairies-Legend Queen about how Earth and the Magic World were once a planet where magic and mythological creatures co-exist however Desumast tried to invade their world. The great protector of the world-Rapapa sealed up Deusmast but caused the world to split into two worlds-Earth and the Magic World.

Rapapa told the Legend Queen of how she will return with the Precures in the future before she disappeared. Oruba arrived with a revived Spalda and after a battle with them (which ended pretty bad for the villains) The girls returned to Earth and Chikurun bid farewell to them...

Sorry if this review is short although we now know how the Magic world and Earth were once one big planet. Rapapa is like the Guardian of the Planet who enable magic to exist but her sacrifice cause the planet to spilt into two different planes of existence. Although from how Rapapa looked, it is clear to say that Kotoha is her reincarnation. (Sounds similar to Hikari who is the reincarnation of the Queen of Light)

Oruba using the Dark book of Spells to revive Spalda is kinda of wasted. One, we get Kobayashi Yu to reprise her role but then Toei just wasted Shakinsu who was killed last episode. (Come on, it is Hayami Sho! The guy who can play the most smoothest sociopath in anime and you wasted him) So Spalda is back. Big deal! She still got her ass kicked by the girls in this episode so what is the point of Oruba revive her? (Furthermore the next episode Batty and Gamets are revived too so why?)

Anyway other than knowing more the connection between Earth and the Magic World is somehow connected to Kotoha is a step forward but reviving Spalda is really pointless. I don't feel anything about Chikurun biding farewell to the girls since his character development is too predictable so good riddance to him!

Instead of moving the main plot, the girls got turned into kids in the next episode! (Remind me of the Smile Precure episode of the same plot) But seeing how we are left with another six or seven episodes before KiraKira Precure, I got a feeling that it is going to be very hectic to the finale. Until then, see you in the next post!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 42: The Land of Fairies Part 1

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 42 Review and Chikurun finally revealed his true motives to the girls!

We do get to see Chikurun's past as he is lazy in doing his chores unlike his fellow bee fairies as such Oruba recruited him to his cause. After informing him about the Linkle stones, Oruba ordered him to get the stones as he does felt uneasy in stealing them under the girls' noses.

At the same time, Rizu teaches the girls how to make pudding with magic (Yeah...not interested) But Chikurun managed to steal Morfurun's bag that contained all the stones including Kotoha's Smart Tome which I thought she had it with her all along?

Anyway, Shakinsu arrived and ordered Chikurun to handover the stones to him. When the girls catch up to them, he finally revealed he is working for Oruba and Shakinsu became huge and swollen all the stones inside his body.

However Chikurun decided to change sides and went into Shakinsu's mouth to retrieve the stones but before Shakinsu fired a blast at him. The girls transformed and even protect Chikurun in danger which for reasons unknown, the Topaz stone decided to give the girls more power and defeated Shakinsu with the Rainbow Chariot. (Is he dead already?)

After the battle, the girls forgave Chikurun and offered him the pudding they made. The grape decors accepted their feelings and created a magic door which the girls entered to find the land of fairies...

The saying "As busy as a Bee" didn't apply to Chikurun as we see that he does not take his work seriously which led to Oruba to recruit him. But why Chikurun is anyone's guess? Anyway, we all know that Chikurun will betray the girls and the girls do find about it. Being the nice and naive girls they are, they forgive Chikurun immediately which he finally agreed to be a good person.

The scene where the girls were making puddings was not interesting other that they used magic to break an egg which they are relying on magic too much. What's the point of having hands when you can use magic to do anything? But then, it is their world and way of life so nothing else to say about it.

Why didn't Shakinsu used his large form more often? The worst thing was being big was useless as the girls defeated him with not just a giant hammer and also the Rainbow Chariot which can destroy a boss level character in one blow. So is this the end of Shakinsu? If so, Maho Tsukai villains are really pushovers.

Anyway, this episode isn't interesting except we all knew Chikurun will betray the girls in one way or another and redeem himself at the end. Next episode, the girls arrived at Chikurun's home-the Land of Fairies. Chikurun finally reunited with some lady which I am guessing she is their Queen. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: I am aware of the upcoming episodes for December which I felt it isn't very interesting at all. Probably the final battle will begin in January and then we will have Kirakira Precure in February which I find their motto about food and fighting pretty funny. But then, we have Kamen Rider Gaim whose theme is fruits and look how good that show was. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 41: Back to the Magic School!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 41 Review and the girls returned back to the Magic School!

I wonder how the Magic school calender worked in this series. The opening shot has the girls rushed to catch the Snail Train to the Magic world and attend Magic lessons. But after that, the girls returned to Earth for normal schooling andt they returned to the Magic School again!?

If I am not wrong when it is the school holidays on Earth, it is school season in Magic World. But wouldn't it be very confusing and tired since the girls won't have enough rest as they will be attending both schools all year long?

Maybe why this show is not getting any buzz is the fact that Toei couldn't make up its' mind to focus on one world and instead showed bits and pieces of their school life. If the girls don't get tired, I will get tired and less invested as we hardly scratch the surface of the Magic World.

I do realise that the classes are all girls despite have male students previously appearing. Furthermore, the rest of the class doesn't seem to interact with Mirai and Company at all. At least, the school on Earth are more interesting with Mirai's classmates being bumbling friends!

The fact that almost 2/3 of the episode is the girls studying and relaxing with Jun and company does not make it a good episode. Sure, the girls tried to avoid the head teacher night patrolling as the girls were goofing around in the sleepover. But it didn't add up much although Jun play a prank on Riko (I am sticking to Riko instead of Liko. It is my blog and I can do whatever I want!) and later gave an actual present to her was not much of a big deal.

The headmaster reminiscing of his youth with the young Dokuroxy was odd since Dokuroxy was corrupted after creating a Dark book of spells which I thought he was corrupted by an outer force when the headmaster explained to the girls during their battle with Dokuroxy...

Anyway, why this plot point was brought up is the fact that later Oruba actually found the Dokuroxy's spell book in the place where he was defeated which doesn't make sense? How did the book ended up there? I don't recall seeing it landing in the water after Dokuroxy's spirit was led to rest by Kotoha. How did Oruba took this long to find the book and he just happen to be there and find it?

But the book of spells is now in Oruba's hands, what will happen next is anyone guess. But from next week's episode, it seems Shakinsu got a boost in power and became huge! But the episode title doesn't sound impressed since it is about the girls making pudding. (WTF?!)

A new eyecatch for the last quarter of the series? Isn't that a waste of time?

You can tell I really hate this episode other than Oruba finding Dokuroxy's book of spells. Prepare for my continuing rage of this series until the end which I pray, please make Kirakira Precure better when it come out next February. Until then, see you in the next post!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 40 : Riko's Mother is a Hottie!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 40 Review and today is Riko's Birthday!

Riko's mother Riria who is a famous chef arrived at the girls' doorstep and today happened to be Riko's birthday! Riria loved her daughter so much that she baked not one cake but a giant size cake for her party.

Even Rian and Rizu came to the party and Mirai and Kotoha were filled with envy but Riko was trying to hide her embarrassment because of the overwhelming hospitality by her family. Her family gave Riko various presents although Riria's present of a storybook is kinda of foreshadowing what is going to happen since we are at the final quarter of the series.

The battle with Shakinsu and his Don Yokubal also foreshadow the arrival of Deusmast as he is travelling in space destroying planets after planets and heading towards Earth. Of course, the Tazanite Gemstone that Rian was carrying it react to Cure Magical's emotions and it gave an extra boost to weaken the Don Yokubal.

After the battle, the Star decor entered the Rainbow Chariot and everything went back to normal. Before Riko's family return to the Magic world, she thanked them for everything and when their parents were flying back, they know in the heart that Riko is destined for great things since the night she was born and the Diamond pendant reacted to her.

Miria and Kotoha also gave their birthday present in a form of sky writing to Riko which she appreciate about it...

This episode is a nice episode since Riko's family are pretty nice people even though their hospitality to their daughter is slightly over the top but then they don't see their daughter very often so it is understandable that they want to give the best to for their daughter.

The storybook that Riria gave to Riko also foreshadowing how the story will precede in the future. The green planet could be Kotoha and the two fairies are supposedly Mirai and Riko. The Sun could be Deusmast or someone else but we will only know when the time come. With Deusmast heading towards Earth, it is a matter of time as the headmaster and Rian were also preparing to defeat him when he arrived.

Anyway, Riria is a hot mother that I can't wait to see any doujin artists doing a story about her. (Don't lie, you know how it is going to be!) But I really like Riria's fun spirit and playful demeanour and she is voiced by Iwao Junko who did the voice of  Tomoyo from Card Captor Sakura and Hikari from Evangelion.

The only thing that Riria didn't know is Riko is a Precure which is strange that Rian and Rizu are keeping a secret from her. Maybe they are worried that Riria might overreact to it but since their world is all about magic and myths, she might take it well beside she knew that Riko is destined for great things after the Diamond pendant reacted to her shortly after her birth.

Overall, it is a nice episode and we are reaching the beginning of the end but hopefully the pay off is worth it otherwise, you know that I am going to roast this season to the ground when it end next February. Next week, the girls return to the Magic World but the headmaster sense something evil on the horizon and why is Cure Magical glowing? Until then, see you in the next post.

P.S: Anyone watch episode 66 of Dragonball Super today? It is probably one of the best epic battles in Dragonball history! No wonder the episode title focus is not on Vegito but rather Trunks who proved that you don't need Goku to save the day every time.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pretty Cure All Stars: Singing with Everyone♪ Miraculous Magic! Movie Review

Hello Everyone! Here is my long awaited review of the latest Pretty Cure All Stars Movie!

Synopsis: During the search for the Linkle Stones, Mirai/Cure Miracle and Riko/Cure Magical encountered the Go Princess Precure team in a battle with a fake Dyspear. Soon the girls found out that the previous Precure teams were captured by the Dark Witch, Solcieel and her follower, Trauuma and the girls rushed to save them. However nothing is what it seems to be as...

After the last all Stars movie which is litertally a musical and song montages, Toei decided to tone down the musical numbers with a plot which sounds pretty familiar to most Precure movie plots. Here the focus is Cure Miracle and Cure Magical who were overwhelmed by their seniors Precures and wonder if they could live up to their expectations.

Since the two girls spend about 2/3 of the movie separated in two different places, both of them get to interact with the various Cures. It is a bit of a surprise that the voice cast for the last three teams (Go Princess, Happiness Charge and Doki Doki) returned for this reunion and they did their jobs fairly well. From Cure Princess's reckless fighting to Cure Sword's return back to the microphone (Bless you, Miyamoto Kanako)

Like what Lulu is a Mess!

I actually enjoyed the remaining Pink cures (Melody, Happy, Blossom and Peach) mixing and matching their attacks and opening speech which is both dumb and awesome at the same time. I am pretty sure that the Seiyuus for the four Pink cures were having a lot of fun and "One up each other" in the recording studio.

Now the main movie characters, Solcieel and Trauuma. Solcieel is a talented witch however when her former master did not told her about the ultimate magic spell which instead her master started singing a song that Solcieel misunderstood her and became bitter even after her master's death. With a talking horse man, Trauuma who suggested of getting a Precure's tear to revive Solcieel's master, she set upon to capture the Cures to make them shed a tear?!

Solcieel was blinded by hatred no thanks to Trauuma who convinced her that her master was jealous of her and refused to teach her the ultimate spell. However when Cure Miracle keep hearing a ghostly little girl's singing throughout the movie, she realised that the song could be the ultimate spell by Solcieel's master. (Although I would have wanted Suite Precure to figure it out since they are the Music Experts but then Cure Miracle is this seasons' main team so the voice of reasoning has to be her instead)

Although why Solcieel's master didn't tell her beforehand is partially both ladies' faults. You know in some shows where the master don't tell their student of the ultimate skill and instead go on some wild goose chase or some hint which the student knew nothing about it until the last minute. This movie felt that way. I get it that they are teaching people that don't take things for face value or for granted that everything is served on a silver platter. But seriously, if every time you went to ask a person and the person in return kept answering in a song, it's no wonder that anyone will get angry about it like Solcieel.

Traumma was the big bad which anyone can see it miles away. There were some comical moments where he tried to catch Morufun, Puff and Aroma and was driven away by a pot of Miracle Lights which Toei will never ever explain why are it is there in the first place. Traumma even tried to make the captured Precures to shed a tear by pulling off a sad puppet show and even cutting onions!

As this movie take place pretty early in Maho Tsukai's run so Cure Miracle and Cure Magical's characters were not fully developed since Cure Miracle is the optimistic one where Cure Magical is still a fish out of water character. But somehow or rather, the usual "No matter where we are, our hearts are as one" moment came and the girls were reunited before the final battle.

The final battle was pretty good actually with Solcieel realizing her folly and joining the girls into battle against Traumma. Of course, everything went well with Solcieel wanting to a Magic teacher in the end and the girls spent the rest of the day at the park...

Overall, this movie was a step forward than the previous one with a plot that is mostly familiar to every Precure movie at this point. At least Solcieel is a villain who has a misunderstood past which she redeem herself in the end. The song she performed at the finale "Lullaby of the Mage- Song of Magic" was an excellent song to go with the battle against Traumma that it is a shame the TV series of Maho Tsukai is not having such moments of story telling during this time I am posting this review.

Well, that's all I have to say about this movie. Although it is a decent movie with some good moments, it can never compare with DX3 which is still the best All Stars Movie in my opinion. Until the next all Stars movie which is titled "Precure Dream Stars" which will focus on the new Kira Kira Precure A La Mode team. Until then, see you in the next post!