Sunday, August 21, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 29 : Cinderella the Awkward Version!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 29 Review and the girls were transported to the world of Cinderella or should I said Morfurella?!

I am a Hippe not a Translator!

How to begin with this episode? For starters, I am suspecting that the Linkle Emerald might be sentient since it was the cause of getting the girls and Morfurn into a dream version of Cinderella. Although there was a pay off at the end as the girls found the new Rainbow Chariot next to them but the journey to getting it might cringe some viewers.

It was nice to see back the three Dark generals appearing and playing as Cinderella's step family which clearly two of them were in the wrong gender and they were in characters all the way leading to one very awkward moment during the fight scene later. (Hint: Gamets's words to the Headmaster)

This is Weird...

Morfun playing Cinderella is an odd choice but I guessing Toei doesn't want to make the same mistake they did when they have Megumi and Blue in very awkward situations and it drag on like some K-Drama. The girls were, the most part kinda of useless until the fight scene since it is the Cinderella story and the Prince which is played by a young Headmaster only has eyes on a Flurry Talking Bear in a dress.

The fight scene if you can call it turned into a dancing number with Gamets falling into the water and the other generals claimed he can't swim. But Gamets is a turtle, right? I though turtles can swim? Morfurn who is also in character asked the girls to save Gamets since she or he (I don't know) is family to Morfurn.

Morfurn just rewrote the Cinderella Story..I wonder how Smile Precure will react to it?

The last scene also hinted that Morfurn might be the key to something important as she created the Rainbow Chariot in her dream which became a real thing at the end. Although what is the purpose of the Chariot is still remain to be seen.

Kotoha is clearly getting all the dumb vibes from Smile Precure's Miyuki.
Overall, I really have nothing much to say about this episode. It clearly showed that Toei is just lazy in their writing after the excellent Go Princess and to promote the Rainbow Chariot in such a manner might be interesting but it does lead to a few awkward and cringing moments for the viewers. Sure, such goofy episodes do happen not just in Precure but also Kamen Rider and Super Sentai so as to lighten the mood as in all, it is still a kids' show.

Next week, I am not really sure what the story is about since the girls are about to return back to Earth but not before Mr Genie battle them one more time. Until then, see you in the next post!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 28 : Save the Fireworks!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 28 Review and the girls are racing against time to save the Festival Fireworks!

Takoyaki or Popcorn?

The short version is the magic flowers that was supposedly used for the night fireworks were dying despite the Sun is shining although the viewers will know that it was probably Deusmast that is affecting the entire Ecosystem.

A suggestion from Mr Issac to get a similar breed of flowers spring the girls into action with Mirai, Kotoha and Emily looking to find the flowers and Riko, Jun and Kei finding more details about the flowers in the library. This make me think why in the entire school these six girls went to get the flowers and the rest of the students didn't offer to help them? I mean, more hands can get things faster but then we won't have any character developments if that happened.

But that is the flaw of this episode! The search for the flowers was not a dangerous one since nothing really happened when gathering the flowers. It was only when they were returning back to the school premises, Mr Genie appeared and just randomly created a Don Yokubal to hinder the girls.

I really don't understand what is the security of this magic school? If you know that there are dark forces attacking the school on a regular basic, shouldn't there be some kinda of defences against it? My god, Hogwarts has better security than this!

The fight scene was really bad in my opinion. For a team that is called Maho Tsukai, the focus should be using magic to fight offensively or defensively but so far, the way the girls are fighting is really no different from previous teams. Sure, the girls does use the various Linkle stones to assist but it was more of a distraction rather than being effective. (Go and watch some episodes of Go Princess and you can tell that the girls are very creative when using their Princess keys and compared it to Maho Tsukai)

I am not sure but I am noticing a pattern in Precure is that usually the girls will be in some trap and the villain started tauting them and that will make the girls more angrier and they will used their will powers to break free and defeat the villain in one sweep. The last few episodes has been following this trend recently. This episode is no different after Mr Genie threw one of the flowers away and the girls went all berserk and overwhelm the Don Yokubal.

I am not saying that you can't have such moments in Precure but this type of moments should be saved for dire situations like the fate of the world or facing the big bad. Not every time we have to go all "Super Saiyan" just because the villain did something to piss the girls off.

Guys and Gals, you can tell that I am kinda of disappointed with the last few episodes and the way Maho Tsukai is going, I am very worried of this seasons' future. I am now having the same feeling that I have when I reviewed Happiness Charge which is this season has no tension, the villains has no personality and there is no final objective the girls are heading.

Sure, we will probably know what is the connection between Kotoha and a giant field of pink flowers in the future and Deusmast coming to Earth to do some damages which I hope that he do something that is equivalent to a Big Bad otherwise he might end up being a one-trick pony like Dokuroxy.

Fairy Godmother Riko?

Next week look like a weird episode since everyone is role playing a character from Cinderella and Morfurn is Cinderella? What is going on? Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: If you like this episode or Maho Tsukai in general, more power to you. I am just disappointed with how the series has been going so far which I hope the story will get better (and not going downhill) in the near future.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 27 : A Change in Weather!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 27 Review and the girls returned to the Magic School and just in time for the Summer Festival!

When the girls arrived back to the Magic School, they reported back to the Headmaster and learn that the Linkle Stones were holding more secrets that they are unaware of. After Kotoha showed off her magic in school, the students were amazed by her magic and started crowding them.

Kei, Jun and Emily welcome back the girls and they do not believe that Kotoha was Ha-Chan before. After a hearty meal in the cafeteria, (which include Mirai, Kotoha and Morfuru eating like Son Goku from Dragonball) they learned from the fruit store seller that the magic oranges are unavailable due to the change of weather climates. (Which we will find out why later)

Later Mirai and the headmaster had a talk under the Magic Tree when Mr Genie appeared and claimed that his master, Deusmast is coming to Earth and is currently residing in the Sun. Mr Genie then created a new Yokubal called Don-Yokubal to attack Mirai and the headmaster.

At the same time, Riko and Kotoha arrived and with the power of the Linkle Emerald, they phase though Mr Genie's barrier and transformed with Mirai. Although the battle was tough which include Cure Miracle taking a barrage of balloon bombs in the face and still intact. (Precures are tougher than tanks!) They defeated the Yokubal and Mr Genie proclaimed that this is just the beginning...

So now we have a new status quo as the girls will be facing Mr Genie, the more powerful Don Yokubal and the new big bad, Deusmast for the second half of the series.

Finally after 27 episodes, we finally have male magic students in the school! I was starting to wonder if the magic school only enrolled females. Although I have a feeling that the girls won't be staying long in the magic school since they are only here during the Summer holidays.

Looking at Kei, Jun and Emily barking orders to the students who were crowding in the series, it seems they had more command and orders in the school now which is kinda of surprising since I don't remember the three stooges did anything significant to gain such authority?

The scene at the cafeteria was funny as Mirai is eating like Son Goku, Morfuru was chowing cookies non-stop and Kotoha is enjoying her corns. Although Riko didn't admit it, she was having a large sandwich which if you watch the end credits, Riko is actually concerned of her weight.

The unavailable magic oranges was a plot point since it was Deusmast affecting the Sun and in turn, the climate changes as explained by Mr Genie. With the new Don-Yokubal which are truly scary now unlike the previous two Yokubal types that are goody and silly, the girls were having a tough time.

Although we have Cure Miracle's speech of never giving up which cement her role as team leader, I kinda of face palmed when she went straight on to a barrage of balloon bombs and still survive. I know Precure can survive ridiculous amount of abuses from explosions to high attitude falls but I don't see the point of her going all kamikaze to prove what point? To prove she can take abuses? Or secretly she is a Masochist? (You are not Darkness from Konosuba, Cure Miracle!)

With new enemies appearing, can the girls handle the new threat as the Magic School celebrate the Summer Festival at the same time? Find out in the next episode! Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: By the way, where is Rizu Nee?!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 26 : Runaway Flower!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 26 Review and Kotoha decided to run away after a nightmare!

When Kotoha had a nightmare of Yamoh defeating Cure Miracle and Cure Magical and he swore to hunt her down for the Linkle Emerald. Later Kotoha learned about gratitude from Mirai and Riko who make breakfast for the whole family which she make cookies (without her magic) for Mirai and Riko.

The next morning, Kotoha took some belongings and left a note of goodbye to the two girls. Morfurun caught up to her and asked what has happened to her. Kotoha explained about the nightmare and she does not want anyone to get hurt because of the Linkle Emerald. When Kotoha ate the remaining cookies and it tasted salty and wondered why did Mirai and Riko claimed it is good. (Maybe the girls like salty cookies?)

But Yamoh arrived and decided to turn himself into a giant lizard creature and trapped Kotoha in his stomach. The girls arrived and started battling Yamoh but he is too strong. Kotoha wanted the girls to run as she don't want them to get hurt and asked why did they lied about the cookies.

Cure Miracle and Cure Magical explained they love her like family which touched Kotoha and awaken the Torubillion Ruby stone. (Is that the right stone?) Kotoha broke free and also joined in the fight. Cure Felice then used the Tourbillion Ruby to create a shield and she alone defeated Yamoh who finally reverted into a lizard. After Mr Genie mocked Yamoh for his failure, the three girls decided to return home with a stronger bond...

This episode had some tense moments unlike the last two episodes which Kotoha was killing with her innocent smile. Kotoha is not dumb and knew that Yamoh will hurt her down till the end of the Earth in order to get the Linkle Emerald and he will hurt her friends.

So Kotoha decided to make some cookies by herself without using her magic and mistaken salt for sugar. (Common Cliche in making food) Though the girls didn't complain on how the cookies didn't taste bad and their reason later was kinda of simple and not awakard. Seriously, if the cookies were given to someone not related to Kotoha, they will probably complained how bad it was. But then, this is a kids' fantasy show so realism is out of the window.

I am actually surprised that Yamoh is defeated midway through the season. You will think that perhaps he will at least survive till about 3/4 of the season but no, Yamoh is defeated and reverted into a lizard like the previous generals. The battle itself was okay although Cure Felice using the Tourbillion Ruby isn't that fancy since it is just a shield.

I am starting to think if the villains in this seasons are very weak compared to the last few seasons before since now the initial wave of villains are gone and Mr Genie is taking over without any rhythm or reason.

Overall, the episode is all right and with Yamoh gone, Mr Genie decided to take charge to attack the girls as they returned to the Magic World for a school function. Until then, see you in the next post.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 25 : Beach Frenzy!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 25 Review and the girls are heading to the beach for some Sun, Sand and Sea!

Basically, The Asahina Family together with Riko, Kotoha, Mayumi and Kana went to the beach and while Mirai's father volunteered to fix the freezer in the beach hut, the girls decided to have some fun instead.

Kotoha who misunderstood the meaning of fun instead used her magic to make things interesting-Like making a large float that can swim on it's own, creating a large watermelon and sandcastle and so on. Mirai and Riko had to reverse the spells since it is creating a large commotion on the beach.

Although Mirai and Riko did not complain to Kotoha about her behaviour, they were exhausted since they used a lot of energy. Kotoha volunteered to check how is the freezer but was tricked by Yamoh into a trap inside a cave.

Kotoha and Mofurun were ambushed by Yamoh and his Super Yokubal and Kotoha tried to fight back as Cure Felice. But Yamoh blamed her for making her friends tired because of her magic and she was shaken a bit.

However Cure Miracle and Cure Magical arrived to aid her and didn't blame her for her actions. After defeating the Yokubal, Kotoha apologies to Mirai and Riko for misue of her magic. They didn't reprimanded her but explain to her about how they are not suppose to use magic for every matter. Kotoha understand but not before using her magic one last time to restore the freezer and the girls were treated to some Strawberry Kakigori as their reward...

If this show is shown on a midnight slot, the girls will be wearing hot looking swimsuits but since the girls have hardly any body at all, we are only given kiddy swimsuits for this episode. (No Mirai's mother in a swimsuit either? I could imagine that a doujin will be about her mother hooking up with other men in the beach since her husband is only concerned of fixing the freezer!)

Kotoha still behave like a child and her presumption of fun is using her magic to surprise everyone on the beach. Of course, Mirai and Riko spent the whole day trying to prevent it from going out of control. Kotoha didn't realize how irresponsible her actions were and after being tricked and trapped by Yamoh, (Seriously, didn't she learn not to talk to strangers?)

She was being reprimanded by Yamoh of how her magic has make Mirai and Riko hate her which she nearly blamed herself. Mirai and Riko of course being good girls didn't blame her fully but explained of how she shouldn't abuse her magic so often.

Yamoh himself has became obsessed of capturing Kotoha and the Linkle Emerald and it seems he is getting orders from Dokuroxy by talking to his bones. (Although Mr Genie think that he is losing his marbles since he couldn't hear anything from the bones Yamoh gathered)

Overall, I felt it is similar to the previous episode of how Kotoha is still learning to be a human and how her magic has consequences if not used properly. The fight scene is predictable since the Super Yokubal didn't felt like a threat at all thanks to Cure Felice. (Oh yeah, Cure Felice can fly now)

Next week, Yamoh continued his plan to capture Kotoha as she decided to make cookies on her own for everyone. Until then, see you in the next post!