Sunday, October 23, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 38 : The Great Pumpkin Hunt!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 38 Review and today is the Great Pumpkin Festival!

Basically the running gag in this episode is Kotoha is famished that she started hallucinating food in front of her. The girls arrived for the Great Pumpkin Festival where the host is Watanabe Mayu who is a popular TV celebrity on Earth but in actual fact, a magic user also.

Mepple and are big!

After learning of the Great Pumpkin hunt where anyone is allowed to catch a giant flying sentient Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin and the reward is a golden egg which suppose to grant a wish. Everyone tried to catch it with hilarious results since the Giant Pumpkin is capable of turning people into sweets and desserts for a short period of time.


But Morfuru sense something wrong with the Giant Pumpkin although Kotoha is determined to catch it due to her hunger overtaking her and nearly she embarrassed herself in front of everyone. As expected, Shakinsu appeared (after being oddly caught in Mirai's giant net) and summoned a Don Yokubal to battle the girls.

If you put some white cream on their faces, you will adult situation for a midnight anime show!

Morfurn then realised the Giant Pumpkin has a toothache and she pull it out for it. In return, the Giant Pumpkin aid the girls with giant bubblegum to get the girls out of the Don Yokubal's body. After the battle, Morfurn was declared the winner and the golden egg hatched which revealed...a tree of toothbrushes?! Everyone took one of it and brush their teeth since they were eating a lot of sweets in this episode...

So this episode is a PSA on taking care of your teeth as seen by the Giant Pumpkin who was behaving oddly during the hunt because of the toothache. With the bad tooth removed, it helped the girls and gave everyone a toothbrush in the end to remind everyone to take care of their teeth.

The other highlight of Kotoha's behaviour that is so like her. Remember that Kotoha is still a child in a older body which is why she complained of hunger very easily. Although it was funny to see a Precure (Cure Felice) having a rumbling stomach during battle which is kinda of dumb that the girls didn't get any food in the festival beforehand. But then they were distracted by the Giant Pumpkin hunt and Watanabe Mayu's appearance.

If you are not sure who she is, Watanabe Mayu is a member of AKB48 and she also performed the ending song for this episode to promote the new Maho Tsukai movie. The ending song is full of the cute chibi design which it was used in Go Princess Movie first and it was lovely. (Any idea if the shops in Japan sell the Chibi version of the Cures? I might get it if they are sold in shops)

Overall, the episode is all right for a comedy and a PSA. Oruba is still getting reports from Chikurun and not making a move which annoyed Shakinsu to attack the girls. (Which I am waiting patiently to see what Oruba's master plan is) We ended one festival episode to another festival episode which is the Halloween episode next week! Until then, see you in the next post!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 37 : Beauty Warmed the Cold Beast

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 37 Review and the girls discovered the headmaster is missing again!

After finding from the head teacher that the headmaster abandoned his duties, the girls went to search for him at the magical world. Although I wonder why the girls are needed to find him where there is clearly many people in the Magic World willing to find him?

Which the girls did find the headmaster, plucking the oranges from an orange plantation! His reason? The oranges are for the upcoming Town Festival however the oranges doesn't look good due to the weather. If the headmaster will spend more time analyzing the weather due to an evil being inhabiting in the Sun than plucking the oranges, I am sure he will know the reason why the oranges looked bad. No wonder their school always get attacked by Evil Forces, they had a headmaster who is as useless as Blue!

What to do with the oranges? They need the Ice Dragons to freeze it which is weird. Why couldn't the headmaster create a freeze magic to freeze the oranges? So that we can have some emotional moments of Chikurun reporting to Oruba and seeing Mirai and Morufun getting frost bites and him acting all sorry to them.

The battle was mediocre since Benigyo didn't want to fight at first until a frozen orange that she accidentally swollen make her all gross and pissed. (Due to Chikurun accidentally throwing it) After the battle, one of the Ice Dragon had a crush on Kotoha and he helped to freeze the oranges in the end...

So this episode is another disappointing one for me. Perhaps I am spolit by Go Princess's story direction and now seeing Maho Tsukai doing the wrong things make me worried that I might give up this series one day! (I hope not!)

First, I know there is some kind of ongoing plot point of how the weather is affecting everything in the Magic World and I wonder why anyone make some kind of theory to suggest there is something wrong with the Sun? I thought the headmaster is some kind of authority on Magic and he couldn't figure it either?

Instead, we spend the whole episode plucking oranges and getting Ice Dragons (who are friendly) to freeze oranges? The oranges are also for the next episode which we are getting another festival episode! I am pretty sure that the girls just finished one school festival in the Magic World and another festival is being held so soon?

Chikurun is going to be conflicted in future episodes as the girls are still treating him like a friend and he continued his report to Oruba. Let me guess, it won't go well when Chikurun is revealed to be a spy as in the first place, the girls were too blind to see through his deception.

Next episode, the town festival begins and for some reason, we have a lovely female mage that is highlighted for the end credits. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: Nothing interesting to talk about this episode so forgive me for my ranting in this post!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 36 : Honey Bee Trap

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 36 Review and Oruba's assistant Chikurun begin to spy on the girls and their secrets!

Basically Chikurun spying on the girls after noticing a pillar of light in their home. But Chikurun was caught eating the pancakes and he pulled a fast one claiming to be a spirit. Of course, being the dumb girls they are, they take his words for it and they became friends.

After learning about Morufun's connections to the girls, Chikurun lured her to a trap and Oruba immediately caught hold of him. The girls arrived thanks to Mirai remember the field of flowers that she used to go with Morufun.

The battle was pretty straight forward with Oruba claiming that today is just a test of their powers and retreat. Chikurun was asked by the girls not to reveal their secret identifies not knowing it is all part of Oruba's plan...

I felt a bit disappointed with this episode since it focus on Mirai and Morufun's relationship and how she treasure Morufun a lot. I was expecting the two of them having a disagreement and Chikurun took this chance to trick Morufun but no, it was just a simple luring trap and Oruba caught hold of Morufun.

Chikurun was not interesting since he was lured by honey and pancakes in the first place. I am pretty sure that after spending some time with the girls in future episodes, he might have a change of heart and betray Oruba. Otherwise for now, I don't feel invested by him. Oruba claimed he is testing the girls' powers which I hope he does something evil to defeat the girls otherwise his disclaimer is just a ball of crap.

Next episode, the girls returned to the magic world to help the Headmaster pick up oranges?! I am pretty sure there is an evil being residing in the Sun and they now want the girls to pick oranges? Who wrote such an episode anyway? As you can tell, I am pretty disappointed of how the story has been going so far. (Which I probably will have a good time to roast this season once it end)

Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: It might not be a big deal but my blog has reached the one million views mark after six years! I know it doesn't seen much but I can't believe I am still doing this blog after six years. I thanked everyone who have supported this blog from it's humble beginning. Despite many ups and downs, I preserve till this day! Sure, this blog will probably be known for doing just Precure episodes but it was all of your people who visited and supported this blog that it make it possible!

Thanks to you all! Let's make it two million views as our goal!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 35 : Vote for Student Chairman RIko!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 35 Review and today Riko become a nominee for the next Chairman of the Student Council!

Because of Kotoha's big mouth and peer pressure from her friends, Riko decided to become a nominee for the upcoming Chairman election for the Student Council. Despite being popular at school and people are supporting her, Riko knew very little on what is expected of her if she become the Chairman.

Fellow Classmate Yuto is also joining the election race and even though he has little support because of his introvert character, he know what he want to do if he become the chairman in which he asked the same question to Riko which she was stumped at it.

At the same time, Oruba send his Bee companion (Not sure of his name) to spy on the girls and discovered that Morfun is the key for the girls' transformation during their battle against Benigyo and her Don Yokubal. The battle was mediocre other than Cure Magical seeing Yuto trying to protect the flowers during the fight.

After the battle, Riko decided to step down from the election after realising that she doesn't really know how to take care of the school as a Student Chairman and want everyone to support Yuto since he know how to take care of the school in which everyone agreed and Yuto accepted her offer...

This episode is both good and bad. Riko knew very little of running a student council and it was because of the rest of the girls who pressure her into becoming one. (Thanks girls for making Riko panic like a chicken in this episode) In the first place, Riko has yet to find her own goal in life after Rizu's peer talk so what make others think that Riko is ready for such a position?

You know if this isn't a Precure show, this scene could be mistaken for a regular School Romance Series...

Looking at their campaign, you can tell that Riko isn't really doing anything to promote herself but it was her friends who are doing the talking. Yuto might be introverted but he does take care of the minor things in school like the flowers and the library. He even know how to resolve problems between fellow sports clubs which Riko knew little.

The battle was pretty standard but with Oruba finding out about Morfun and his Bee companion saw a ray of light at Mirai's house (After the new decor entered the Rainbow Chariot), at least Oruba is making plans to take down the girls unlike Benigyo who just send a random monster in this episode to attack the girls and failed badly.

As seen in the next episode preview, Oruba begin his attack to kidnap Morfun while his Bee companion is spying in Mirai's house to know more of their secrets. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: This week's episode isn't that interesting which is why I don't have much to talk about since this is more of a set up episode for next week. Anyway, have you guys seen some of the new shows that are out already? Tiger Mask W looked fun with a retro feel, Time Bokan 24 is very funny but the one which I am pretty sure people are talking about is Maho Shoujo Ikkusei Keikaku since it has been described as a Madoka Magica Clone. There are lot more shows coming later this week so hope you keep on watching!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 34 : First Love is like an Ichigo Melon Bun!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 34 Review and Mayumi has a crush on a handsome male student!

As this week's episode implies, Mayumi had a crush with a male student from another school after he helped her in the rain. The girls decided to help her which in all seriousness, the girls didn't do much to help her.

In fact, it was Kana who actually supported Mayumi more. Given now Kana is on a quest to prove that witches and magic does exist, she has been on a "Witch Watch" around town and she was able to find Mayumi's crush immediately.

Mayumi decided to write a love letter for her crush and even told Rico of how supportive Mirai was when she help her find her hair pin after school. (Which amounts to nothing really only that Mirai likes to help people but we knew that long before already)

However Mayumi found out that her crush has a girlfriend and even though he thank her, she was upset about it with Kana consoling her. But then Shakinsu arrived and challenge the girls which it was hilarious that the girls refuse to fight and walked away.

Of course, this episode need a battle so the girls battle a Don Yokubal and got the Ruby Decor to enter the Rainbow Chariot. In the end, Mayumi got over her crush and an Ichigo Melon Bun fell from the sky and she saw the silhouette of the girls flying on their broomsticks.

But not before we were introduced to a new general-Oruba and his little bee sidekick and he claimed that they should find the girls' weakness in order to take them down...

Basically, what this episode is what most people experience before which is First Love. Mayumi's behaviour was perfectly normal for her age and her friends did their best to support her. As I said before, the girls tried to help Mayumi but did little as they tried to use Cathy the Crystal Ball for help but it was Kana who quickly find out where Mayumi's crush is from which school.

Kana in fact is now proving to everyone that magic and witches exist and record every sighting on a notebook. Wait till she find out that her friends are magic users in the end, she probably be cursing and swearing herself for not realizing it sooner.

Mayumi finding out that her crush has a girlfriend was not much a issue since her contact with him was a one-off incident so the sooner Mayumi she knew the truth, the less painful the pain is. Kana was the one with Mayumi till the end of the episode since the girls had to battle a Don Yokubal out of obligation. Seriously though, the generals just appear out of nowhere without any plot or scheme and expect a victory against the girls? No wonder this seasons' generals got defeated so easily...

However with Oruba making his appearance and voiced by Sugiyama Noriaki, (Sasuke of Naruto series and Emiya Shiro of Fate Series) it looked like the tables might change since he supposedly is the smart one. (Which I hope so!)

Next week, Riko was encouraged to become the next Chairman for the Student Council which she become a nominee and her opponent is Yuto from the same class. Until then, see you in the next post!